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Friday, August 13, 2010

Soccer Balls & Panda Bears

I had 3 orders this week. The first was 2 dozen large butterflies with custom colors. I forgot to take a photo, but I'm hoping the recipient send me one. My second order was for two dozen stegosaurus cookies, the same design as last week's dinos. There is something special about dinosaur parties for 3-year old boys. My middle son had a dinosaur party when he turned three also. 
The third order was from my niece. Her little girl is having a soccer-themed birthday party, so she ordered a dozen soccer ball cookies.
Those little guys are hard to freehand. It makes me wish I had a Kopykake projector!

I had some leftover circle cookies after completing the soccer balls, so I made a few panda bear cookies for our downstairs neighbors. They just had a beautiful baby girl a couple of weeks ago & they love pandas.
I think these would be great party favor cookies. There is room for some script on the bottom - maybe "Happy Birthday" or someones name? What do you think?

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