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Friday, November 18, 2011

Cars 2 cookies

I bought these Cars 2 cookie cutters a few months back. I finally got around to using them this week. I'll admit it, I was a little overwhelmed at the detail the cookies require. Character cookies can go so wrong so easily. You have to get certain parts just right or they won't look like the intended character. I'm not saying mine turned out perfectly, but they did turn out a lot better than I feared they might.

There were actually 4 cars in this series. I had all 4 cut out and iced - a dozen of each one. I sent the majority to school with my seven-year old for his "All About Me" day today and the rest were sitting out of reach on my entertainment center, waiting for their turn to get photographed. At least, I thought they were out of reach. I went in to the family room this afternoon to check on my boys, and they had eaten every last "Francesco Bernouli" cookie. While watching Cars 2, ironically. They are little stinkers they are. So, I have no pictures of Francesco. Maybe next time.


  1. Oh, man! I'm sure I would have been so frustrated! But these ones look great! Good job. The detail is really quite good. Pretty sure I wouldn't have been patient enough for that. :)

  2. Beautiful cookies. I am going to buy these at Williams and Sonoma if they still sell them. Any tips on decorating? Thanks. Kathy