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Friday, February 25, 2011

More "My Little Pony"

remember the "My Little Pony" sample cookies I made about a month and a half ago? I did the actual order this week and I think they turned out even better than the samples. 

I added the yellow/green color combo to this batch for a little more variety. I also added a custom color combo by request. It was the customer's daughter's favorite pony - Rainbow Dash. I also added the heart detail to the front foot of all the ponies. 35 ponies in all! Whew!


  1. What did you use for a cookie cutter?

  2. yes, what shape did you use?

  3. Do u ship orders?

  4. I am frantic because I need to bake birthday cookies for my granddaughter's birthday in 3 weeks and I cannot find a My Little Pony cookie cutter anywhere, online, Joanns nor Michaels. Can you help me? Your cookies are exactly the ones I'm looking for. Thank you.